Review CRAZY WORLD (2020) Watch Streaming And Download Full Movies Free

What is the most important thing in the moviemaking process? Understanding film science? Technical mastery? Not all of it. There is something more basic, namely the love of the film itself. That love is owned by Nabwana I.G.G., as the director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor, and special effects director of Wakaliwood (Wakaliga + Hollywood) production titles.

After creating a stir through Who Killed Captain Alex ?, it is now Crazy World's turn to visit the international audience, after playing in mid-2019 in the Midnight Madness segment at the Toronto International Film Festival, then on May 29, 2020, playing on YouTube as part of We Are One Film Festival .
Review CRAZY WORLD (2020) Watch Streaming And Download Full Movies Free

In quality, in terms of any textbook, Crazy World clearly does not meet the standards. But again, this is a matter of love, which defeats all the technical stuff. For Nabwana, film is passion. A way of life. He loved films long before he ever watched them (Nabwana routinely heard his brother's stories about films). He idolized Chuck Norris just from staring at the poster on the cinema wall, which as a child, he could not visit. What is it if it's not proof of "the magic of cinema"?

And love is contagious. Just look at the ranks of players who put all their effort, both when delivering line by line that is not often absurd, or when they fight each other like their lives are at stake even without choreography arranged in such a way. "Not powered" is not a problem to worry about.

So what is the story of this SUPA ACTION MOVIE? Once upon a time a group of gangsters under the leadership of Mr. Big is intensively conducting child abductions (played by Ugandan child actors called "Waka Starz") to be victimized. One of them was the daughter of Commando, an elite soldier who had just received a mission from the President of Uganda. Of course our hero is able to thwart the kidnapping isn't it? False. Remember, this is Wakaliwood dude! Commando's wife was killed, his daughter was kidnapped, and six months later we met again with the hero who is now a bum with mental illness, who uses plastic bottles as binoculars.

The kidnapping continues. Nothing escaped the target, including the boy kung fu boy "SUPA KUNG FU MASTER" Bruce U, even his nephew Mr. Big alone. When the actor playing Bruce U was introduced, suddenly the film featured a click-on clip from Who Killed Captain Alex? to The Return of Uncle Benon, as information that the actor took part in the titles.

Not once was the film suddenly showing clips outside the scene. Anti-piracy advertisements also appeared, where the Piracy Patrol unit hunted those who watched Wakaliwood films illegally. When I say the word "hunt", it means to fly a helicopter all the way to Paris (and other countries) to blow up the pirate's head. At this point I have accepted that all the interruptions above are part of the film.

Crazy World has the subtitle Ani Mulalu ?, which means "Who is crazy?". So who is crazy? Commando? Gangsters? Or the police who refuse to investigate the kidnapping case? Yes, Nabwana did not miss slipping criticism about the incompetence of the authorities. But if social criticism in Hollywood films often falls as an added selling point by taking a "politically right" attitude, Crazy World is different. This is an honest form of anxiety. Likewise related to the abduction of children as sacrifices. Judging by the style of the film, maybe you assume it was just an invention for the sake of injection of mere insanity, but it's not. Child sacrifice for wealth (read: pesugihan) is a real issue in Uganda.

The event title seemed raw, occasionally including CGI for blood and explosions, which although of low quality, seemed to have high enthusiasm and passion. The shootout was accompanied by the jokes of a VJ (Video Joker), who commented on the actions of the characters, hurled punches, created strange names like Babymando for the Commando's daughter, and did not miss advertising Ramon Film Productions as its production house. To quote the sentence Nabwana I.G.G., "Life without comedy is not life". In the midst of limitations, Wakaliwood industry activists know very well how to live. Bravo Wakaliwood! Y'all have my biggest respect!

Watch Streaming Online And Download CRAZY WORLD (2020) Full Movies Free

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