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Zombieland Double Tap is a sequel to Zombieland (2009) which is still directed by Ruben Fleischer. Still starring a series of original casts; Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. Released on October 19, 2019, we can already watch this film on Netflix.

Still tells the adventure of Columbus and his friends who managed to survive for 10 years in the post-apocalypse world due to zombie attacks. This time they had to face a problem that involved hearts and feelings and certainly, the threat of unrelenting zombie attacks.

For big fans of the film Zombieland, we will realize the same film template is maintained in this sequel. Starting from the opening, plot, narration by Columbus, to various action scenes against zombies that are getting worse. So do our favorite characters; Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock who still have the same character despite having been together for 10 years.

Indeed, this element makes us long for each character quite relieved, but does not show a realistic character development after many years together. Columbus and Wichita look like a couple who have just been in a relationship for several months and are afraid of commitment. Similarly, chemistry between each character in a group that has formed themselves as a "family", their bond does not show development, still looks like 10 years ago.
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Although they have different problems and objectives, the plot and humor presented are almost similar to the old version. The appearance of CGI as it is is also still being adapted in the production of Zombieland Double Tap. Although it can still be tolerated because of its genre as a comedy film.

Every point that has been presented leads to the conclusion that this film has old material that is still being adapted in the film which was released in 2019. Actually this can be a good or bad thing for this film, depending on the perspective and expectations of the audience.

New Things That Are Not Displayed With Portion Of Liability

There are some new things embedded in Zombieland Double Tap. The first is the emergence of a new character that creates a silly love triangle between Wichita, Columbus, and Madison (Zoey Deutch). Until the emergence of the "doppelganger" duo Columbus and Tallahassee namely Albuquerque and Flagstaff which were only funny for a moment.

There are also several other new characters who only become "sweeteners" without giving too much influence in the story. The positive value is only each new cast still successfully executes each character.

One of the highlights that initially looked promising in this film is the emergence of various types of zombies that have evolved. Until the appearance of zombies with the latest types of mutations that are increasingly difficult to kill. However, this was not explored too deeply and just passed by. The action scenes that are pinned also feel like they are displayed to provide just the action element.

Entertaining Yet Overwhelming

Zombieland Double Tap is an entertaining film, it can't be denied. Guaranteed the audience will not be bored and hold watching until the end of the story. However, aside from entertaining, this film is nothing more than that.

If the first Zombieland provided a sufficient and focused portion of the characters and stories, the sequel gave more than we expected in a capacity that is not "healthy".

Too many gimmicks and objectives which are not all fulfilled perfectly. Overall, watching Zombieland Double Tap feels like an adventure in an amusement park. Every element and act in this film feels like fragments that do not blend solidly into a film.

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