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Best Movies - The film Start-Up comes with a story full of comedy. Nevertheless, the social issues raised in this film are quite complicated, ranging from problems surrounding juvenile delinquency, the life of a loan shark, to underage sex trade. Problems that are present closely with choices in dealing with the realities of life.

Like a Korean film in general, Start-Up also includes many social values ​​that are around, but sometimes it escapes our view. This film presents many moral messages wrapped in scenes and dialogues that invite laughter. Choi Jeong-Yeol as the director seems to have been successful in presenting social criticism as well as entertainment for the audience who watched it.

This story centers on the character Taek-Il (Park Jun-Min), an 18-year-old young man who is facing final puberty. Like teenagers in general, he has a strong desire to live freely in accordance with his wishes. Since dropping out of school, he only spends his time with his best friend Sang-Pil (Jung-Hae In). This was opposed by his mother (Yum Jung-Ah) who forced him to return to school. A conflict ensued between the two and resulted in Taek-Il running away from his house.

This escape ended at a Chinese restaurant in the Gunsan area, North Jeolla Province. Taek-Il began his new life as food delivery at the restaurant. During his food delivery, many events that made him grow into more mature. A big problem was present, Taek-Il had to face his best friend, Sang-Pil, who worked as a loan shark when he wanted to collect debt from his mother. Meanwhile, Taek-Il's mother's bakery was about to be evicted because she was cheated by the previous owner.

Start-Up tells a lot about the crisis of identity in almost every character in the film; there is an inner struggle to choose what feels right according to conscience. In addition, the crisis of identity empties into a new chapter for each character. The development of each character can also be felt clearly in the scene after scene.

The film, which was adapted from an online webcomic titled Shidong by Jo Geum-San, revolves around the problem of finding a teenager's identity. The typical juvenile delinquency is also thick presented in this film. Park Jun-Min, who plays the character of Taek-Il, is considered successful in presenting such inner upheaval. He is able to express the anxiety of a teenager in the face of the rigors of the adult world.

Taek-Il who grew up only from a mother made him grow into a naughty child. It was this lack of affection and lack of guidance that made him stubborn and did not want to be regulated. His escape was a form of protest and a means of self-verification. Nevertheless, it is through this escape that he finally can realize the meaning of a responsibility for every incident in his life.
Start-Up Film Review (2019)

Appreciation also seems to be given to Ma Deong-seok who plays the character Geo-Seok, a former member of a large gangster who ran away and became a cook at a Chinese restaurant. His presence has a big role in the film. He is able to build interesting scenes. Starting from the funny expression as a fan of the idol group to the expression "frightening" when he returned to being a gangster he managed to play very well. Moreover, chemistry with Park Jun-Min in several successful scenes featuring comedy that managed to shake the audience's stomach.

On the other hand, Geo-Seok also has an inner conflict within himself. This is illustrated when his past, who was a member of a gangster, was uncovered, with forced he was faced with a heavy choice. Geo-seok who finally made peace with his past, started a restaurant restaurant with his small family.

In addition to Taek-Il and Geo-Seok, almost all the characters also have inner conflicts and find resolution of the problems they face. Like the figure of Sang-Pil who is trapped in a loan shark business circle. Inner turmoil often arises when he is forced to engage in acts of violence while undergoing his work. He was forced to almost kill someone who is innocent with his own hands. Luckily, he was finally able to go out and live a new life with his grandmother and Taek-Il and his mother.

Overall, Start-Up is a drama-comedy genre film that has a strong moral message in it. Through the anxiety of the figures, we seem to be invited to explore the social issues around us, but we often close our eyes to these problems. Nevertheless, this film does not lose the entertaining element because it is tucked into comedy in each scene. This film is suitable for comedy movie lovers but full of meaning. This film can be an attractive viewing choice with family or loved ones.

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