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There are times when we buy movie tickets and hope there isn't much: just want to be entertained and laugh. We do not need to expect a variety of film aesthetics such as slick cinematography, fantastic stories, or super dramatic. My Spy, Peter Segal's latest film, is one such film.

Hearing the name of Peter Segal as a director indeed makes it impossible for us to demand more. Seeing the ranks of films such as Get Smart (2008), The Longest Yard (2005), or 50 First Dates (2003), we can already expect "dime" comedies. Indeed, on the one hand, these films have interesting elements that can actually create dramatic scenes. However, it feels like Segal's way of packaging his films does not want to get his viewers involved in deep emotions.

Best Movies - Segal's latest film, My Spy, is indeed like the standard Segal as mentioned above. This film tells the story of a spy who is very tough in fighting, but careless in carrying out their duties. This spy named JJ, played by Dave Bautista who has a massive body.

JJ, a former soldier, admitted that he was not accustomed to living as a spy. He also admitted that he was a spy in front of the enemy and bulldoze them easily. Unfortunately, JJ's lack of experience in spying prevents him from completing the mission well because one person escaped.

This big spy is also given an easier task, observing a mother and daughter who are connected to a terrorist network that she blew up before. He is also paired with Bobbi (Kristen Schaal), a spy who mostly spends his career in front of the computer rather than acting in the field. Bobbi who is fond of JJ was not welcomed with the big man. JJ is reluctant to teach the information technology expert woman in action in the field.

It is said, one unexpected incident made JJ and Bobbi's mission a unique experience. The daughter they are supposed to be watching over, Sophie (Chloe Coleman) knows their guise, the CIA. Sophie threatened to unmask JJ and Bobbi by asking to be friends. JJ instead becomes close to Sophie and has a unique relationship.

Unexpected Couple

Pairing two people who don't match and have striking differences in character is nothing new in comedy films. Another film, Get Smart, also paired two agents who had striking differences. This disagreement between the two characters will later become a comedy.

We do feel that there are quite a lot of jokes and are effective when JJ is in conflict with Bobbi. Their jokes and behavior can invite laughter. However, these two characters do not seem to be given a mature screenwriting by Erich Hoeber and Jon Hoeber. In one moment, Bobbi looks so explosive and it makes perfect sense to be angry with JJ. However, this moment just went out and there were no traces left from their quarrel.

The reason JJ does not want to teach Bobbi to act in the field is baseless. In fact, Bobbi his colleague who at any time there must be a moment JJ ​​must be helped. Moreover, JJ easily teaches Sophie to act, a child she should look after. The inconsistency of JJ's character is also questionable.

Conflicts beyond reason like this can indeed be a comedy that easily invites laughter. Unfortunately, among the effective jokes, there is indeed a lack of concrete stories. There is a transition problem that does not only occur with the relationship between Bobbi and JJ. There are logics that are difficult to accept with reality.

Action comedies like My Spy always have their own place and market. There are people who really want to watch movies that can entertain themselves with laughter without needing to think much. In fact, for film fans though, films like this can be a distraction between films that can drain the brain and emotions. However, with the quality offered, it looks like My Spy is not a film that we will remember in the next few years.

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