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Best Movies - The horrifying atmosphere of horror in cinema is not only triggered by the appearance of spirits, psychopathic characters or spooky-faced killers. The reason is, the odd phenomenon that is beyond prediction and human knowledge can be a powerful weapon to transmit fear to the audience. This was tried by filmmaker Neasa Hardiman in his latest science fiction film, Sea Fever.

Hardiman opened the film by introducing the character Siobhán (Hermione Corfield), a biology student who is an expert in the field of animal behavior patterns. Siobhán's intelligence made him trusted to go on the voyage of a fishing boat named "Niamh Cinn-Oir". The ship was also boarded by a number of other crew members, namely the husband and wife group Gerard (Dougray Scott) & Freya (Connie Nielsen), Johnny (Jack Hickey), Ciara (Olwen Fouéré), Omid (Ardalan Esmaili), and Sudi (Elie Bouakaze).

Gerard as the captain directed this ship to an area that he considered potential for fishing. Gerard's desire was opposed by the coast guard because the ship's destination was in the forbidden zone. Instead of changing the destination location, he even dared to break through the area without the knowledge of the other crew in order to bring home lots of fish. The strange phenomenon then appeared alternately since the herd entered the forbidden zone.

The synopsis above may sound like the plot of most horror films. However, Hardiman was able to direct the following scenes to remain interesting and fresh through the element of mystery. The audience also began to be made uncomfortable when the characters who were shown as experts were nervous about the anomalies encountered.

When the hull of the ship was plastered with mysterious tentacles, all the crew seemed confused. No one knows what creature is gushing over the ship. Siobhán who was shown to be a genius seemed confused to clarify the creature. Likewise with boat technicians and other crew members. Gerard's charisma as a leader even faded because he did not understand this.

The answer to the anomaly that occurred on the ship was then opened slowly by Hardiman. Solving the mystery is done in a hurry and is often accompanied by a tense scene. This film maker seems to want the audience to feel the anxiety and despair of the whole character.

The tense moments in the film Sea Fever look unreliable jumping shocking horror scenes. This film feels already 'terrorizing' the audience with all the uncertainty that is present in the story. Anomalous events that repeatedly failed to be understood by successful figures became the specter of the audience throughout the film.

One of the interesting things in this film is the presence of figures with diverse thought patterns and problems. Siobhán represents people who see things from a scientific perspective. He sought rational answers to strange phenomena on board with mastered science and theory.

Meanwhile, other crew members such as Sudi and Gerard were seen representing people who believed in superstition. For example, they saw that the presence of Siobhán who had red hair would bring bad luck to the ship. Even so, the two are not described as lame because they are still willing to listen to Siobhán's opinion about the mysterious creature approaching the ship.

The decision making of each character is also based on strong reasons so that the story conflict is not shallow. When a suspected crew member appeared infected, Siobhán appealed to all crew to quarantine before arriving ashore for the safety of others. His opinion was rejected by Freya because he felt responsible for taking Sudi to the hospital. Omid also opposed Siobhán's idea because his wife would give birth soon.

This difference of opinion further aggravates the situation so that it pushes the figure to act extreme. Increasing tensions also make the audience dissolve in the story. Hardiman seemed to challenge the audience to guess how the characters survive from the clutches of this mysterious creature.

The overall Sea Fever film successfully presents new and fresh horrors in front of the audience. Instead of bringing out scary sea monsters, the film spread terror through mysteriousness that is difficult to guess. Strangeness that failed to be described by the characters will become a nightmare that continues to haunt the audience until the film ends.

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