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Watch and Download Movies Blood Quantum (2019)
Review Movies Blood Quantum (2019)
Best Movies - Jeff Barnaby's unique ideas in his film, Blood Quantum, present fresh ideas in the zombie genre film. By presenting American natives who are immune to zombie bites, the weight of the film is not just blood and fighting alone. There are ideas that are planted as well as interesting character development.

The corona pandemic that began in early 2019 reminds us of our vulnerability to the deadly virus. This situation reminds us of films that discuss the spread of viruses, one of which, namely films about zombies. Subgenres of horror and stress often trigger adrenaline and have their own fans.

Initially, zombie films only offered blood and stress, but since the beginning of the 21st century, we have seen several new types of films from this subgenre. Starting with mixing with science in 28 Days Later (2002), then the great comedy Shaun of the Dead (2004), and lately the super-interesting stress from the Korean film, Train to Busan (2017). In the television series, we certainly know that The Walking Dead has been aired for seasons.

If you are bored with The Walking Dead, that's all, but want a similar atmosphere, Blood Quantum can be a movie of choice. This film is about a small town in Canada which was attacked by zombies. In small towns where the majority of the population is of Native American ethnicity, they are actually immune to zombie bites.

Blood Quantum is centered on an Native American family, Traylor (Michael Greyeyes) who has two children from two different wives, namely Lysol (Kiowa Gordon) and Joseph (Forrest Goodluck). Traylor himself was the chief of police in his city, and he led a group of survivors. He was assisted by his father and his ex-wife, Joseph's mother.

This film shows the events at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse slowly. Interestingly the main focus is the characters themselves. Traylor did not get along with his two children who were often arrested by the police. Lysol is like a child who is not straight and bad, while Joseph is happy with his stepbrothers. Joseph himself had a Caucasian girlfriend who was pregnant.
Kiowa Gordon plays Lysol in Blood Quantum (2019)

Six months after the first time the ZED outbreak (the zombies called in this film) attacked, the Traylor family made a shelter and became its leader. The place is famous, many people arrive and Joseph helps them. Lysol did not like it because this brother often brought Caucasians who could harm the group. When one person who is not immune is bitten and enters their group, chaos occurs.
The Context of Colonialism

There is clearly a context about colonialism that Jeff Barnaby wants to build here. In his interview at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, Barnaby also admitted that he used Quantum Blood to "contextualize colonialism and past trauma so that it can be digested for the future."

The idea is very interesting. We see Joseph's character who is easier to assimilate because he still gets the attention of his parents. Meanwhile, Lysol, who most of his life does not get attention may be more difficult to accept each other. From Lysol's friendship group, it seems he prefers his ethnic people.

In addition to a very interesting idea, character building is the main advantage of Blood Quantum. The insertion of Mi'kmaq's dialogs adds to the originality of the film. Unfortunately, some of the actors appear less maximal and somewhat stiff. Among all of them, Lysol played by Gordon appeared the most.

Meanwhile, the artistic style and punk-style costumes that characterize post -amato films also look cool. The action also provides its own tension. It's just that there is an imbalance with the drama of the film and its duration feels less so the climax is rather bear.

After all, Blood Quantum is a film that can enrich the viewing we see from his ideas that are so interesting. There may be shortcomings that appear to be limited in resources. However, it is just right if you are a fan of the zombie subgenre and love to see the deepening of good character.

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