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Marriage Story, the latest film by veteran director Noah Baumbach, is a romance. But it is not the romance that most of us are familiar with. Because if the story line usually starts from two strangers who end up together at the altar. So this story starts from a married couple whose marriage is on the edge. Story about the end of the story.

The film opens with each character, Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johanson) narrating anything that makes him fall in love with each other. "She's a mom that plays, really plays," Charlie said. While Nicole then describes Charlie "loves being a dad."

The series of sweet sentences apparently became an introduction to the audience entering a relationship that was on the verge of separation. The scene then switches, showing Nicole and Charlie being in a room with the couple's mediator. The sentences that were read at the beginning are monologues in each character that have never been expressed to each other.

Divorce is always a topic that is difficult to talk about especially to experience. It is a taboo, a disgrace. And this film invites viewers to explore all the pain and scars of divorce can make us "see the worst of good people," said Bert Spitz, divorce lawyer played by Alan Alda.

Through the dialogues and monologues of each character, the audience is invited to explore what frustrates the love between the couple. The husband is the theater director and the wife is his favorite actress, they both work together in a theater and get quite a lot of recognition for his work. The story of Nicole and Charlie shows the complexity of marriage and even more complexity when it comes to an end. That divorce is not just a case is no longer love. Because in fact, love is a feeling that stays between the two until the end of the film. But it appears in forms that are no longer the same.

Noah describes the reality of his characters in simple ways. One of them is through conversation. Whether it's with themselves or between one character and another. Sentences that came out of the characters that felt close and real. Even the way they brought it - kuddos for Scarlett Johansen and Adam Driver who had brought their characters brilliantly. This is what makes the story of Marriage Story feel so painful.

In movies often the conversation is dramatic and neat. So, even though the audience can feel that the conversation makes sense in the reality of the film, we know it is not the way people speak in real life. And as viewers, we can then distance ourselves from the characters displayed on the screen.

Conversation has indeed become one of the main strengths of Noah's films. Just look at The Meyerowitz Stories who also show characters and relationships between characters through the way they talk. How he let the actors talk overlapping to show inferiority, arrogance, to the impatience of certain characters.

And through these conversations Marriage Story stirs the feelings of the viewer as they describe the bitter and bitter end of the promise of a lifetime. Through these conversations Baumbach also tells about how marriage blends two individuals in such a way that one loses hold of his true self, about how matrimoni is a prison of our own choosing, and about how love is no longer sufficient reason to continue together.

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