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Best Movies - Little Women is the third film director Greta Gerwig as a director. From the last two films, his touch grip as an auteur seems unclear. There is a quite striking difference in time between Little Women and Lady Bird (2017). However, the two films have a clear similarity: both are great.

We know Greta Gerwig from the films Noah Baumbach; female filmmaker who began her career as an actress has always been the main character by Baumbach. Gerwig debuted as a director through the film Nights and Weekends (2008). However, his career as a new director was really glimpsed after creating Lady Bird (2017).

Gerwig's directing style in Lady Bird was very pronounced. He knows how to make teenage female characters, played by Saoirse Ronan, in the film truly alive. Without excessive dramatization and from interesting little conversations, Gerwig's taste can be sweetly tasted. The film which has a very 2000s impression could truly represent the maturation of adolescent women at that time.

After Lady Bird's success, Gerwig challenged himself again to continue to grow. This time, he adapted the Little Women novel by Louisa May Alcott. The challenge feels even greater, given the novel has been repeatedly converted into films and television series. Two of the previous rides, namely the film Little Women (1994) directed by Gillian Armstrong and the mini television series of the same name (2017), earned praise from critics.

Little Women's Unique Style by Greta Gerwig

Gerwig's Little Women film can be broken down into 3 segments which are not bound by time that goes forward. It is still very conventional, considering that these 3 segments are related to traditional style sequences, namely recognition, conflict, and resolution. However, the explanation of story conflict uses a flow of back and forth that continues to repeat itself.

It seems complicated to explain how Gerwig can unite fragments of the story that are not tied to the flow of time forward. That fact does not make us have to bother to guess when this is the time. Clearly visible differences in the conditions of the characters in the flow back and forth.

Moreover, the way Gerwig unified the fragments into one string of segments bound by taste. In the beginning, there is a nuance of cheerfulness that is displayed so sweetly. March's family is presented as a family that is so active, so cheerful, and full of warmth. Here the unique characters of the March family are introduced. There are many touching moments that easily make the audience feel.

The second segment contains the sad phase which contains conflicts in the story. This phase focuses on the complicated love relationships of increasingly mature characters. Then, which became the center of sadness, namely the pain of Beth (Eliza Scanlen) that led to her death. Small moments that touch continue to be spread and again so effectively touched the hearts of the audience.

The third segment is made more complicated, there is a complicated love story that must be faced by the March family. Theodore (Timothée Chalamet), a wealthy and handsome neighbor of March's family, likes Jo (Saoirse Ronan). Jo herself prefers freedom and does not see herself as someone's wife. Meanwhile, Jo's sister, Amy (Florence Pugh) likes Theodore.

Even more complicated, there is also the problem of the position of women who must find a rich husband to support his family life. Love might be secondary. However, Meg (Emma Watson) chooses to put love first and forget the economic needs for her happiness.

From this complicated twist of love and the painful moment after Beth's death, we are taken to a unique story-writing phase. Jo, who wrote the novel Little Women as if he were the writer of the story in this film, was given two options: become a spinster and live by holding on to his ideals or finding his love and "being someone's wife".

The conflict between these two ideals is so interesting. Gerwig carefully displayed this element, wanting to remain faithful to the original work, but in accordance with the current social context. "What's wrong with diluting a bit of self-idealism to achieve greater happiness?" Maybe that's Gerwig's answer. Jo continued to realize his dream to become a free writer, at the same time, he found his love.

Emotional Conventional

Maybe, from one point of view, indeed Little Women is a story that is so conventional. Everything was beautiful and everything was happy when the credit writing began. However, Gerwig's expertise blends the story so that every moment can make the audience easily trapped in various emotions of this film.

Little Women also became an arena for Gerwig's teeth as a director. Although the idealism shown in the previous film Lady Bird, is similar to de.

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