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Best Movies - What is interesting about the breakup of Harley Quinn (Margott Robbie) and Joker? This is what is trying to be continually abducted from the film Birds of Prey. Female filmmaker Cathy Yan was appointed to give a unique taste in action-packed films.
DCEU Groping

DCEU is trying to reassemble it little by little from the universe of the film which is not as neat as its competitor, MCU. Difficult indeed, given the great work of Kevin Feige in building a universe of Marvel films that can last more than a decade. Conditions at DCEU are inversely proportional, the two main hero casts of the film universe resign. Meanwhile, Zack Snyder, the person who was asked to be a DCEU producer, reportedly had a limited vision from the studio, namely Warner Bros.

In between the chaos, DC began to reassemble what was left and pulled from the universe. Last year, the public was astonished by the Joker. This film did not enter into the DCEU project, but remained under the auspices of DC and Warner Bros. Won 11 nominations at the Oscars this year, does DC have to take a different path from Marvel?

Of course, this hope has little effect on the film Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. Although the concept of the film has been completed and the production has been completed, the lively public response from the Joker gives little hope in which direction DC will spread its wings.

Birds of Prey is indeed like a long title (originally titled Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, then changed to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey for marketing), upholding the value of emancipation. This unexpected hero team is similar to Suicide Squad (2016). Only this time the stakes are smaller and the team consists of all women. In fact, there is one police officer, different from Suicide Squad whose contents are only criminals.

As always, DC always has attractive marketing. The visual design is attractive and the short footage is well packaged. We still remember how great the short Suicide Squad footage that was packed was great with the addition of the Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" background song which was re-sung by Panic at the Disco. Then, how cool is the visual design of the Justice League (2017) poster which again has a bohemian "Bohemian Rhapsody", using the video clip element of the song. Birds of Prey does have interesting marketing, but from the two films above, we have learned that DC's attractive marketing is not always proportional to its quality.

Efforts to Build Plots of Harley Quinn

Screenwriter Christina Hodson seeks to establish Harley Quinn's break with the Joker as the main plot of Birds of Prey. It was explained that after Quinn broke up, he did not have immunity in his crime. With the loss of Quinn's immunity, he can be hunted not only by the police, but by other criminals as well. This style of losing immunity is reminiscent of the film John Wick 3 (2019). Every step there is always someone who wants revenge against Quinn.

Interestingly, in these early scenes Quinn did not show his prowess in fighting. He just ran away. In fact, when we enter the final half of the film, Quinn can kill almost ten criminals alone. Meanwhile, in the scene when he ran away, no more than five people attacked him. Maybe it's because he wants to save the cheese sandwich he just bought.

After explaining Harley Quinn, this film tries to tell about other characters. The storytelling style that comes from Cathy Yan's direction reminds us of the quirky style of Quentin Tarantino films. The characters are introduced with a colorful blend of designs, this creates an impression that is actually tacky, but cool.

With packaging like this, the introduction of characters actually becomes a very basic weakness. The story becomes frivolous over and over again. The structure of the story in the introduction is rather strange, the way to move from one scene to another is a bit messy. In the end, we only felt that half of the film would be taken where the basic story of the conflict seemed weak.

Entering the final half of the film, this might be a place for fun. The scene is action-packed and so entertaining. The packaging is complete, the action is very exciting and interesting to watch. This is supplemented by the music of skirts to stimulate the film's tension. Although it doesn't look solid yet, the action entertainment provided by Birds of Prey is attractive.

An interesting thing that needs to be witnessed is how Birds of Prey will determine the elements of a future female action film. Cathy Yan hasn't been seen to put on her style, she still uses classic ways like Tarantino and Chad Stahelski (director John Wick). The depth of the plot is still very thin. However, in terms of action and packaging, this film was a success.

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