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Focus Film Review - Nicky has studied science about human nature throughout his life. He was able to understand exactly how to get the trust of anyone, or influence them to be careless and unknowingly Nicky had stolen a man's watch or wallet. His figure reminds me of Naga Bonar, a former war general who was transformed into a superior 'pickpocket'.

When he was at the bar during the opening of a film, in New York, Jess (Margot Robbie) approached his desk and asked for help Nick to pretend to be his girlfriend. So he could avoid the rude man who was trying to approach him. Nicky agreed to help Jess and succeeded in his task. Jess, too, was fascinated by Nicky's tricks and tricks, and begged Nicky to teach him what he knew about the 'black world' of deception.

Nicky agreed to hook Jess into his 'student'. Jess turned out to have extraordinary talent to become an imposter. He quickly learned all the tricks given by Nick. In the process, Nicky and Jess finally fell in love with each other, but because they are both con artists, there is no trust that can be built in their relationship. Not last long, their relationship eventually foundered, and Nicky and Jess separated.

Three years later, Nicky makes a deal with Garriga (Rodrigo Santoro), a rich playboy who has software that will help his Formula 1 team win. Nicky agreed to help Garriga sell a fake version of the program to its competitors. However, while carrying out the mission, Nicky finally learned that Jess and Garriga were lovers.

Conflict ensued, between an old love that blossomed again and Nicky's mistrust of Jess's false love for Garriga. On the other hand, Owens (Gerald McRaney), Garriga's chief of security also suspects Nicky, who he thinks wants to take Garriga's software.

Focus was directed by the duo Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Both were successful in presenting the concept of a story that (although market) is fresh. The premise of a story like this had previously been introduced through Ocean Eleven and The Thomas Crown Affair (1999). However, Ficarra and Requa succeeded in concocting the 'market' premise to be a little more unique and quite entertaining. Although, the plot of the story is predictable for most viewers of films of similar genre.

However, the shrewdness of the duo Glenn Ficarra and John Requa presents a fresh plot, in fact not in line with the quality of the dialogue displayed. Some of the dialogue / script sounds 'cheesy' and is too cheap to be spoken by people of Nicky (Will Smith) caliber character. And as if knowing the weaknesses of the manuscript, Ficarra and Requa put on quite good cinematography.

Xavier Grobet; as the director of film photography, managed to provide a high-contrast display with neon blue light tones and retina colors. With cinematographic nuances like this, the audience seemed to watch the film production of Michael Bay but without many explosions and sex appeal.

While Will Smith's acting quality looks very prominent compared to other characters in this film. Looks like, Will Smith has a very 'understand' how to play the perfect all-round figure like the character Nicky he played. Margot Robbie's presence as Jess was also relatively good, not quite prominent but also did not steal the attention. Rodrigo Santoro, Gerald McRaney and Adrian Martinez as supporting roles also appeared 'ordinary'. Maybe a few exceptions for Adrian Martinez with his expression that is enough to make the audience laugh.

Overall, Focus is quite entertaining. But, of course I would suggest other films, such as Out of Sight (1998) or Ocean Franchise if you want to get the experience of watching a similar film. You Can Watch and Download The Movies Free No Registration.

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