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Thriller fans lose if you miss this one film. Yes, Netflix will present its latest film titled Dangerous Lies to accompany you this April.

The film made by director Michael Scott was written by David Golden. This English-language film will bring tension that is not like drama in usual.

It is said that a man who has aged passed away, who later left no small amount of wealth. He then gave the wealth to the heirs, but to his caregiver.

The caregiver was fairly new, before he was a former waitress. He was named Katie Franklin, played by Camila Mendes.
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The story does not stop there, the problem then comes wrapped around it. Katie and her husband named Adam, played by Jesie T Usher, had to deal with a series of events that were like a nightmare to them.

Katie and Adam were dragged into the problem that plunged them. They have to deal with a network of fraudsters and murderers.

If they want to survive, they must have strong desires and motives. They seemed to be forced to choose the people around them to be saved based on their reasons and motives.

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Dangerous Lies, which has a duration of 96 minutes, also stars Jamie Chung. Besides that there is also Cam Gigandet who plays the character of Ben. He will be opposed with Sasha Alexander and Garfield Wils as Detectives.

The film is scheduled to air on Netflix on April 30, 2020. Well, what's the tension like? Don't miss it!

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