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Equipped with the latest technological devices, Cats (2019) succeeded in visualizing the imaginary state of cats. Dance and sound also adds to the luxury of Cats. But unfortunately, this film feels empty in terms of the depth of the story. The story offered feels simple and is cliched.

Best Movies - The film opens with a shadow scene of a woman throwing a sack filled with cats on the streets of London, England. The shadow disappeared, the cat world began to unfold. Some cat-faced Robbie Fairchild, Laurie Davidson, Daniela Norman, Mette Towley, and others appear like cats start singing while welcoming the arrival of a foreign cat, Victoria (Francesca Hayward), in the Jellicle Cats area. Then, cat-faced Taylor Swift, Jenifer Hudson, and Judi Dench also appear in the next scene.

The film, which was adapted from broadway theater with the same title by Andrew Lyoyd Webber, feels like trying to be loyal to its origin medium. This can be seen from the characters, song choices, and the lack of background used. By being transferred to the medium of film, Cats became a fantastic film, but it was too noisy and did not offer a complicated story.

Instead of making deep stories and reflecting on current issues, Cats is only absorbed in his choreography and song. Most of the stories focus on the introduction of each cat character by its nature. In introducing one character, one song is used. This feels time consuming. On the other hand, it is a kind of effort to reinforce that this film is a fable film: the story of animals that have characters like humans who can talk and have evil characters, good, cunning, easy to give up, and other traits.

The story is offered, which is a competition for the cats in the area of ​​the Jellicle Cats with prizes being reborn as desired, a kind of reincarnation. All cats in the area try their best to get the prize. The talent competition begins. Then, the storyline feels very cliched: a weak cat makes it easy to walk, a cunning cat will hit the stone.

The 110-minute story that can be watched by all ages is reportedly weak in Box Office sales and so far only has a film score below 4 on the IMDb and Metacritic pages. This might be because the story offer is too simple. It feels like the screenwriter can develop Cats into stories that are relevant to the current situation and dare to break through the authenticity of the story, even expose the original story.

In addition, this film also feels very boisterous. Like a deposit bullet that was released during the peak, the peak scene in this film was felt to appear in several scenes. As a result, too much hubbub makes viewers not find the ups and downs of sensation. In fact, some people might feel bored in some parts of the film.

Apart from the lack of complexity and reflection material in the film Tom Hooper, the director who coached Les Misérables (2012), Cats managed to entertain with all the skills of visual techniques and good sound. The imagination of a human cat is paid off even though it leaves a variety of diverse impressions for the audience. Some songs also managed to invite the audience to karaoke, including the song "Mr. Mistoffelees "and the song" Memory "by Jenifer Hudson.

In general, this film is worth watching and is an entertaining year-end film, especially for children. Cats are able to realize the world of cats with all its magic in it. The dances and chants of each character can bewitch the audience even though the aspect of the story in this film feels not too mainstream and feels very cliché. It's festive, but doesn't give room for reflection.

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