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Best Movies - Trying to summarize the massive revolution of pop culture given the British music group, The Beatles, is not an easy matter. Not to mention if we talk about the problems found in the group itself. Ron Howard also tried to summarize the great glory when the Beatles were still actively performing, in 1962-1966 in the documentary The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years.

Talking about the Beatles story, a big influence on pop culture, even an influence on social society in general, is very difficult. Talking about the Beatles can't talk about just four people, but talking about the world and the social situation created by this group. This Liverpool music group has had a major influence on the world of contemporary music, from its own music to the culture of idolizing celebrities.

Sorting The Great History of The Beatles

Screenwriter Mark Monroe tries to narrow the scale of the Beatles story. He tried to photograph the conditions when they had to appear on tour without stopping in the first 4 years of the band's career. Talking about how John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr went on their tour is arguably not easy. Focusing on the point of view is needed so that the idea can be conveyed properly.

However, it seems that summarizing this is not easy either. Reconstructing the early moments of the Beatles' glory will indeed be more solid if the perpetrators are present. When Beatle was still alive, McCartney and Starr lived, Lennon and Harrison's opinion was played using records from the past. Like humans, McCartney and Starr also do not necessarily remember in detail the moment that happened and how they felt at that time. Meanwhile, the opinion of Lennon and Harrison to be more open using interview records after the Beatles broke up.

At first, Ron Howard's directors were rather confused. The focus of this documentary is less clear. The first half of the film feels like the writer Monroe and Howard's direction are trying to reconstruct the social influences and social conditions that influence the Beatles. Full of screams, the shortest description of how crazy "Beatlemania" was at that time was summarized in this film.

The construction of these moments, arguably very historic if you like music especially the Beatles, can indeed cause a sensation that makes your mouth choke of admiration. We see how the massive influence these four people have had on the world. How crazy the fans were when they met their figure, four young men from Liverpool who, when seen again, looked like "village children".

The reconstruction in Eight Days a Week ... this might not be complete, but it is enough to provide information and create a unique sensation when watching it. When reconstructing the social culture given by the Beatles, the madness of young people when the group visited them was highlighted. On the sidelines, McCartney tells a little about the beginnings of their unique careers, which so humanize them, when people deify them.

The Story of Beatles from Various Angles

McCartney and Starr talked several times, but it seemed that Howard didn't want to be too intimate with them. In addition, present famous figures, who witnessed the history of the greatness of the Beatles when they were young, such as Sigourney Weaver and Whoopi Goldberg. Weaver portion is not so much, so its presence is like thickening reference material. The story became sweet when Goldberg recounted the difficulty of getting Beatles tickets when they performed at Shea Stadium in New York in 1965. The inclusion of Goldberg in this documentary was also a smart move. We can see racial issues that affect the difficulty of black people in loving white music.

When rebuilding the social culture provided by The Beatles quite well, it seems there are some ideas of responsibility when giving social events that affect this group. Including the assassination of the president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, but the continuation of this matter and its influence on the Beatles is less concrete. McCartney who narrates this just doesn't seem to say much.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week ... more and more enter into the frenzy of fans when the Beatles come to their city. More and more madness is also displayed when the concert occurs. Indeed this is what made the band finally come down from the stage and no longer do concerts. At this moment, the film feels more intimate. We are increasingly invited to see these four people as humans, not mere entertainment devices.

The final moment of the film summarizes the remnants of the Beatles' performance, which they intimidated through their albums. Until they re-appear together with the four for the last time on top right.

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