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This film includes "True History" in the title; opened with the sentence "Nothing Youre about to see is true"; narrated in the form of the protagonist's letter to his future son, so that he is not deceived by history about the father who might be twisted by the authorities. If it sounds like it contains a lot of contradictions, it was intentional, because director Justin Kurzel (Macbeth, Assassin's Creed), along with his scriptwriter, Shaun Grant (Berlin Syndrome), adapted the novel titled Peter Carey as a media to play around with ideas about history and folklore.

The name Ned Kelly (the boy version played by Orlando Schwerd, the adult version played by George MacKay) is so legendary. A robber who became a national icon. His figure was familiar in the world of cinema. The late Heath Ledger played it in Ned Kelly (2003), as did Mick Jagger in the 1970 release of the same film, even going back far back, the silent film The Story of Kelly Gang (1906) is believed to be the first long narrative film in history.

Many people adore Ned Kelly, regard him as a lower class fighter who was oppressed by the invaders like Robin Hood, but not a few who saw him as a heinous murderer. So which version is correct? True History of the Kelly Gang is not interested in telling the truth, but is eyeing for something that is aesthetically more interesting, namely exploration of "the creative nature of storytelling".

Ned had a hard childhood. He sees his mother, Ellen (Essie Davis), making love to Sergeant O'Neill (Charlie Hunnam) for money; his father, who later died in prison, is said to often be seen running around wearing a red women's dress (there are other secrets related to this fact); must kill neighboring cattle in order to feed the family; until forced to leave the house after Ellen secretly sold it to Harry Power (Russell Crowe), who later taught Ned how to rob and shoot someone's penis.

Applying the western genre in an Australian setting, cinematography directed by Ari Wegner (Lady Macbeth) replaces the aridity of the wild west with the slums that will make you feel dirty just by looking at it. A perfect stage for photographing the rigors of life, maybe even a matter of machismo, considering that the film is about a group of crazy male bandits. But instead, Kurzel and Grant actually gave a homoerotic touch. Ned rolled around with his best friend, also talked to Fitzpatrick (Nicholas Hoult), Surabaya, who was sitting casually, naked.

Kelly's gang in action while wearing a dress like transvestite. They believe, this makeup can foster fear in the minds of opponents, because humans tend to fear strange things that they do not understand. From there, Kurzel had the opportunity to inject queer aesthetics in the film which also acted as a family drama. Dysfunctional family, of course.

When a wealthy woman — whose son Ned helped when she fell into the river — offered to pay for Ned's education, Ellen refused, arguing that she could not live without her son, and that family always came first. Ned believed that. He loved his mother so much that Ned discovered a bitter truth. Ellen's love was fake ... or not? Maybe that's how they love? Could it be the impact of persecution and have they never seen the light of hope? Ned had seen that light. As a child he briefly visited the mansion of a wealthy family, then spent his teenage years far from the slums of his hometown. Maybe that's why, compared to his family members, Ned was more "gentle", also the only one who thought to speak the truth, when others were limited to thinking of the stomach.

And just like the Shakesperian, which is familiar to Kurzel, the True History of the Kelly Gang closes as an ironic tragedy due to the protagonist's mistakes based on his kindness and his desire to see the light of hope. Like Macbeth (2015), Kurzel is skilled at building the nuances of anxiety-like nightmares, especially at the climax of clarity set in a dark night, which is illuminated by blinking light flares, red flares, and dozens of torchlight points. Music composed by Jed Kurzel, brother and composer of the director's subscription, did not miss appearing haunting nan intense. As intense as George MacKay's manic appearance, breaking free as an unstable emotionless man behind his anger, longing for love in a land without love.

But it should be noted, as always, the Justin Kurzel film is not for everyone. Viewers who look for traditional narrative styles have the potential to lose their taste in watching their wild-spoken methods (often called making the film seem "punk") and like without major conflicts, which also rule out dramatic approaches for atmospheric nuances. Regarding narration, the True History of the Kelly Gang also holds inconsistencies. Packaged using an OA point of view

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