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Kim Ki-taek's poor family works together to manipulate their real identities to work in wealthy families. Then, will their identity eventually be revealed?

Over the past 2 months, a lot of cool films have appeared in theaters. Too many movies recommended by people make my wallet endangered. What is threatened is not the wallet, but the contents.

In the past, I really waited for Spider-Man Far From Home, but on the other hand I wanted to reminisce with childhood watching, Toy story 4. At other times, the film Alladin and Men In Black International was so hype and intriguing.

What is certain is because of limited funds, of the dozens of cool films that aired, only one or two films that I will watch. The rest I wait until there is a free version on Iflix or wait until it airs on television a year later. This is indeed the fate of my friend, stage 4 misqueen.

In the last few months, Hollywood films have been selling well. Crowded people meet Story Whatapps and Instagram. All are on photos, showing cinema tickets, but strangely no one is interested in photographing parking tickets.

Behind the euphoria, there is a Korean film that suddenly stuck between local and Hollywood films. It's called Parasite. From the poster it looks unique. But it is even more unique because some film makers in the same class as Joko Anwar are busy recommending this film.

Rarely there is an Indonesian film director who extolled the South Korean film. My guess, it happened because the Parasite film won the Palm d'Or award at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Maybe that's what makes a Joko Anwar along with other filmmaker friends notice with the film by Bong Joon-ho. In fact, as far as I know a lot of Korean films are no less cool.

Out of curiosity, I was curious. After establishing myself not to be tempted to show off cinema tickets, I finally decided to watch this film. As far as I know, Korean films with the theme of Tragedy are good.

2 years ago I once watched a Korean movie Taxi Driver that made me amazed and moved by the story. This time, when I want to watch it, I hope Parasite can give the same impression.

After watching, my response, yes, according to expectations. There are no comments from me besides the cool word. Although in my opinion, Parasite is not as interesting as Taxi Driver, but this film deserves a thumbs up because it carries the concept of a social gap between the rich and the poor which is packed with epic.

I myself just realized that the main character Parasite and Taxi Driver are the same. A good coincidence right?

Synopsis - Storyline

The film opens with scenes from a poor family living in an underground basement. They are the couple Kim Ki-taek and and his wife, Choong-sook.

They work hand in hand relying on folding pizza wrap services. There are also two children who are a quota quandary. Ki-woo and Ki-jeong only rely on neighbor's wifi, which is sometimes the password is forgotten.

To get a good tethering signal, they both have to go up to the side of the toilet and coincide for a smooth internet connection. A sight that is familiar to my friends who misqueens tethering hobbies to others.

One day, a friend of Ki-woo offers him to change his position as a private tutor. Ki-woo must teach high school kids who come from wealthy families.

Of course he was happy because he could get a job. But, to further convince the family, Ki-woo must make a fake diploma.

Upon acceptance, on the first day of teaching Da-hye, Ki-woo is watched by his mother, Yeon-kyo. Yeon-kyo is immediately amazed by the kind way of teaching Kim-woo. However, Da-hye looks nervous when Ki-woo gives her advice. Investigate a calibaration, Da-hye has a crush on him.

After teaching, Yeon-kyo tells Ki-woo that she needs a teacher to guide her second child who is still small.

Ki-woo immediately thinks of his younger brother, Ki-jeong. He thought that he could invite his sister to pretend to be a graduate of a well-known campus and could offer to be her children's tutor.

Ki-woo also recommends Ki-jeong as Yeon-kyo's wayward second child teacher. Yeon-kyo immediately believes and affirms her recommendation. These siblings then teach both of Yeon-kyo's two children.

The lie continues.

Ki-jeong set up Yeon-kyo's husband's private driver, Mr. Park to be fired immediately. Then Ki-jeong quietly offers a new driver who is none other than his long-unemployed father.

Shortly after that, the pembatunya also fired because of sick reasons manipulated by Kim Ki-taek's family. After that, Choong Sook officially became a substitute maid.

In the end one family worked in Mr. Park and Yeon-kyo without knowing that they are all one family. They were even more insolent when Mr. Park went out of town to camp.

Until there we can take sides how evil Kim Ki-taek's family is so outrageous. I will not continue to be like what because of the more spoilers, the less fun watching it right?

Many surprises in the middle of the story

In fact, the most interesting thing about Parasite is the surprise in the middle of the story. There is something hidden from an old maid who used to work for Mr. PARK.

I imagine, if only this film only pitted conflicts around Kim Ki-taek's poor family and Mr.'s rich family Park, the story might feel bland.

It was precisely the conflict between the old aides who made Parasite a quite astonishing tragedy. The audience will be invited to a story line that is difficult to guess what the ending will be like.

For those who have not watched it may not understand the purpose I want to convey because honestly I do not want to explain the details of the conflict like (afraid of spoilers guys).

So, with all kinds of praise and awards obtained, Parasite will provide refreshing entertainment.

As Joko Anwar once said, this film can be a kind of detox for people who have been too often authenticated with films that are of poor quality.

Watch And Download Parasite Full Movies Free

Genre: Tragedy, Comedy; Director: Bong Joon-ho; Producer: Bong Joon-ho, Kwak Sin-ae, Jang Young-hwan-; Author: Bong Joon-ho, Han Jin-won; Music: Jung Jae-il; Cinematography: Hong Kyung-pyo; Editor: Yang Jin-mo; Production: CJ Entertainment, Barunson E&E Corp; Release: 30 May 2019 (korea) & 22 June 2019 (indonesia); Duration: 132 minutes; Korean language; Country: South Korea; Budget: 13.5 Billion Won - Rating: 20+

Actors: Song Kang-ho, Jang Hyejin, Choi Woo-shik, Park So-dam, Cho Yeo-jeong, Lee Sun-kyun, Lee Jung-eun, Hyun Seung-min, Jeong Hyun-joon.

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