Later, due to quarantine and work from home, I had more free time and started watching television series more routinely. Therefore, the idea to make this article sparked. Not a comprehensive review as usual, but limited to a recap and a brief review, which will continue to be updated regularly every time there is a new series that I watch and has completed the screening period.

Tiger King (Netflix) - The documentary ministries directed by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin initially only highlighted conflicts of interest between "big cat" collectors, specifically the Joe Exotic dispute with Carole Baskin. But during the seven episodes, a surprising row of twist began to unfold, the scale was enlarged to touch the cult and even murder cases. Thrilling, astonishing, and unexpected from beginning to end. (4.5 / 5)

Crash Landing on You (Netflix) - Phenomenal drama about a well-known South Korean businessman, Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), who had an accident and was stranded in North Korea, then was helped by North Korea's special forces captain, Ri Jeong-hyeok ( Hyun Bin). Of course the two will love each other, and Crash Landing on You ensures the viewers will love their love story. Sweet and touching romance, warm family drama, tickling comedy, a pile of memorable characters, this is "K-drama at its best". (4.5 / 5)

Kingdom Season 2 (Netflix) - Kingdom's first season was really overrated. Although strong in the subtext about "who is the real monster?", The zombie element is mediocre. His second season, though he needed to "heat the engine" for one or two episodes, changed that. Leaving aside the complexity of politics in order to focus on the sequences of zombie attacks that appear epic, this is how a zombie flick really is. Not to mention Jun Ji-hyun's a.k.a cameo Gianna Jun who made his third season more interesting. (4/5)

Hi Bye, Mama! (Netflix) - Kim Tae-hee returns after five years, playing Cha Yu-ri, a woman who became a ghost after being killed in an accident. Mysteriously he had the chance to live again for 49 days. The problem is that the husband has remarried, and from there a blue family drama emerge. Many Drakor alike, Hi Bye, Mama! appeared fresh in the first half, full of benevolent characters, sympathizers, melting drama and comedy with qualified, before becoming protracted melodrama in the second half. Still routinely drain tears, but the impression of draggy due to force myself into a 16 episode drama was felt. (3.5 / 5)

Hollywood (Netflix) - A "what if" scenario from Ryan Murphy. Showing how problematic Hollywood was in the past, using the story of the dreamers' struggles as media, Murphy wondered, "What if there were a group of people who dared to go against tradition?" Of course this is just a naive broad daylight dream, and like the majority of Murphy's works, the narrative is shallow, only dwelling on sexual matters. But again, Murphy knows how to give birth to a delightful spectacle of pleasure. (3/5)

The Eddy (Netflix) - The involvement of Damien Chazelle as executive producer and director of the first two episodes is the main attraction in the story of Elliot (André Holland), a well-known former pianist and owner of The Eddy club, who was dragged into a complex criminal conflict, while at the same time must be improve relations with the princess, Julie (Amandla Stenberg). Moving like a soulful jazz that drifts, sometimes dark but not infrequently warm and even touching. Accompanied by ear-blessing music, even though the character exploration that is divided by each episode isn't as deep as expected, The Eddy is a place that makes you comfortable.

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