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When talking about corruption or embezzlement of money, we might think that the fields of government and bureaucracy become the most fertile ground for these crimes. However, has it ever crossed our minds that among the various public sectors that have great potential for corruption, the world of education is one of them?

The Bad Education film tries to highlight this issue based on a true story about the biggest embezzlement of money in the history of the education system in the United States. The inspiration for this skit comes from a corruption case that occurred in 2002 in the Roslyn School District, an elite state school on Long Island.

Bad Education was first released at the Toronto Film Festival on September 9, 2019. Even so, HBO Films, which holds the distribution rights for this film, had just widely broadcast this 108-minute film on April 25, 2020.

Cory Finley directed this film, with a script by Mike Makowsky. Interestingly, Makowsky himself in 2004 was a middle school student in the Roslyn School District.

Bad Education presents the acting duo Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney, as the two mastermind behind the corruption case. The film also features Geraldine Viswanathan, Alex Wolff, Rafael Casal, Stephen Spinella, Annaleigh Ashford and Ray Romano.

Synopsis Bad Education 2019

At the peak of his career, Frank Tassone managed to become the superintendent or supervisory committee of the elite Roslyn district public high school. With his competence and charisma, Frank became a respected figure by colleagues, students, to the district community. He even succeeded in bringing Roslyn into one of the best high schools in Long Island, making the high school alumni more easily accepted at the best US universities. However, Frank's perfect life began to be threatened when a student journalist at Roslyn sniffed out irregularities in his school system.

Review  Bad Education 2019

Bad Education became one of the films that I immediately watched without reading the synopsis first. My initial expectations about the plot of the film were generally based only on posters and movie titles, and of course Hugh Jackman's proven track record.

So when I watched the first quarter of the film, I frowned because I found an inconsistency between the film's title and the newly introduced character of Frank Tassone. I am assuming that "Bad Education" referred to in the title is trying to refer to or at least have a certain connection with the main character.

At a glance, Frank is qualified to represent the most exemplary and ideal teacher we can imagine. His elegant and neat suit makes him always look dapper and elegant. A big smile also almost never absent from his face when interacting with colleagues and students at Roslyn High School.

At the beginning of the film, he advanced to the front of the stage in a room full of hundreds of parents who stood up and hailed Frank's achievement as superintendent chief. Frank's happy face was highlighted by the lights, while the clapping of applause became the background of the scene.

In one scene, Frank seems so inspiring to motivate a child who has learning difficulties by making his experience an example. There's no way this kind of person can be a bad example in terms of educating, right?

In fact, besides teaching, Frank also has other talents in covering up lies. Together with his superintendent colleague, Pam Gluckin, he at least embezzled nearly $ 11.2 million in tax money for personal gain.

Frank's way of success was by relying on charisma similar to the main character in the film Catch Me If You Can (2002) which also attracted him named "Frank". As the success of DiCaprio's performance in Spielberg's work, Bad Education has also added to the glorious reputation of Hugh Jackman's acting.

Frank clearly depicts a complex and multi-layered figure. Through Frank, Jackman shows the manipulative side that can also be found in his character on The Greatest Showman (2017).

Meanwhile, director Cory Finley interpreted the Makowsky script in a light satire style. The way Frank put up a persona to cover up his crime was a form of dark comedy that was cleverly applied. Frank's interaction with his partner-in-crime, Pam, also displays interesting dynamics.

Bad Education's appropriateness made this film feel like a documentary biography, which in fact became many times more evocative because of the added dramatization with the right portion in it.

The film Bad Education may simply be a reflection of an event that occurred nearly two decades ago in the United States. However, the issue raised is a universal issue that will always be relevant if ever nobody cares enough to improve the education system.

This film does not attempt to antagonize teachers in a corrupt education system. Instead, we are encouraged to reflect back on what exactly is needed for the achievement of an ideal education system.

In one of the confrontations with the parents of students, Frank revealed an excuse that although it cannot be justified, we should pay attention. He regrets how parents only care about academic achievement rather than the essence of learning itself. Through a number of simple questions, Frank also asked us to recall whether all this time we had given enough appreciation to the teachers.

Until now, I am still impressed with how Bad Education ended Frank's actions. The film epilogue seems to be trying to convey that basically, Frank is not a bad teacher. He was just an ordinary man who was helpless in controlling his illusions of privilege.


Bad Education is a crime comedy that managed to package a big scandal in the world of American education through a light and entertaining style. Carrying the style of satire and dark comedy, this film cleverly and straightforwardly tells about the actions of Frank Tassone in the case of embezzlement of millions of dollars in funds. Jackman revives Frank's reliable character in creating layered personas. In general, Bad Education is able to inspire audiences to reflect back on chronic problems that are rarely explored in the education system universally.


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